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Turning Houses into Homes

25 years in the making! We have a unique expertise when it comes to Hill Country Decor. Tucker has developed and hand crafted 8,000 Log Beds, and our ever growing family produce the complete line of cedar furniture. Jessica & Linda are the specialists behind every display seen and we have now expanded our reach offering full home decor and consultations right here in the heart of Medina. Visit with Jess or Linda for more details,  grab some Apple Pie and Ice Cream, and make your visit to Medina complete!

How it Began...

Papa Tucker built the business from the ground up with his brother Travis. TnT Furniture got its start shipping semi load after semi load of beautiful Hill Country Cedar furniture to to the Mountains of Arizona.

10 years later we opened our first store front as Log Beds and now have a beautiful 7,000 Square Foot Showroom with a 20,000 Square Foot Manufacturing Mill a mile away. 

Medina has been our home for over 25 years. Things may not look the same as they did 20 years ago, but all change has a beauty to it and we let ours shine through!


When Family & Work Life Become one

I have been raised in the saw mill, trained in the store, and now am the face to greet you at Log Beds. When you open the doors you are entering my home and are guaranteed to meet one or more members of the Klaassen Family. 
When work and family life become one, our customers become more than another face. We are blessed by those who make it all worth while! We aspire to design your dreams and create an atmosphere that you can call home.

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