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What is rest? Is it a mind set, an action, or just an idea? Does it require peace & quiet or love & laughter?

As a mom of 3 young boys, my rest has been redefined, but rest never happens by accident.

Without rest, the version of myself I most want to be starts to disappear, under the chaos the loud laughter (and wrestling boys) causes. Not bad or undesired, these simple life things can feel overwhelming and crushing.

This is your first sign. Are you overwhelmed, realizing tomorrow you have to do it all over again? Does it feel like it never hits pause?

Rest does not find you… you must find it.

I see it on the face of those who walk through our showroom doors. There is something about disrupting the normal and hitting that reset button. The grass is greener on a car ride with the ones you love then on your way to work. The sun sets are deeper when on the back deck than through the kitchen window. It’s all the same, it’s just a change of perspective.

Rest is not disconnecting but connecting on a deeper level with those you love.

Find rest, find yourself, and you will find the ones you love.

Ask yourself today, what is your rest?

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