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Hill Country Decor

Home Decor is always inspired. Usually by location, sometimes by feelings once experienced, or worse of all by trend. When it comes to Log Beds Decor, it is about you! You are our inspiration!

Nestled in the Heart of the Hill Country, Bordering the most scenic drive in Texas. Most people find us on their way to get some Apple Pie & Ice Cream before heading onto Leakey for some chicken fried steak.

Leaving the busy-ness at home and taking a deep breath of fresh Hill Country Air. That breath is what breathes life into our showroom. The Hill Country defines our showroom and that is why it feels like home when you walk through our doors. Often times it takes years to transform a house into a home, but for our customers we don’t create furniture, we create an atmosphere.

Our job has never been to “make the Sale”, rather, our delight is to introduce you to luxury Hill Country Decor!

Over 30 years in business we have figured out how to create quality furniture, and have the added value of custom luxury goods, All designed right here in the showroom. 90% of my job is preparing for your visit before you even set foot in Medina.

Log Bed

What does home mean to you?

  • home is more than just a house, it is a place you live

  • more than a place to sleep, but a place of rest

  • more than a place to eat, it is a place of fellowship

  • more than a place to kick off the boots, but a place where memories are created

All these places are what create a home. Our customers are not looking to fill a void, but fill it with memories.

Find your inspiration, and visit the Hill Country! We have been waiting for you.

Jess & her boys
Log Beds Store Front

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