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The Daughter of a Carpenter

Updated: Jan 13

Being the daughter of a carpenter is all I have ever known. It was fun growing up knowing Jesus daddy was the same. Carpenters earn a special kind of respect. Carpenters tend to be unique thinkers compared to many of us. They live a life of constant puzzle solving, creating elaborate designs and solving all of the problems that arise along the way. I noticed that the best carpenters tend to be the quiet ones, Because their gears are always turning and foreseeing what will happen before they even lay anything before them.

I am proud to be a carpenters daughter, but I am also very aware of the lack my life would have if I did not have a mother with the heart of Mary. Mary sacrificed everything without seeing the vision and without first solving all unforeseen circumstances. Mary have faith that could (and did) move mountains. Joseph was honored, but Mary was exalted.

I have been raised in the saw mill, trained in the store, and now am the face to greet you at Log Beds. When you open the doors you are entering my home and are guaranteed to meet one or more members of the Klaassen Family.

When work and family life become one, our customers become more than another face. We are so blessed by those who choose to build their dreams with us! We aspire to design your dreams and create an atmosphere that you can call home.

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